Hierarchical Need.

I've decided to give up eating for however long its necessary to acquire this vintage avar kilim carpet from Double Knot, NY.

Felicitous, Refined and Tattooed Ladies No. 4

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Muse Peruse: Country Couture No.1

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Big Blonde Hair No. 3

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Felicitous, Refined and Tattooed Ladies No. 3

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Etsy Feature....

Thanks for including my Sharp Shooter Print, MemorySaver!

All Buttoned Up: Celebrating Subtlety No. 3 with Alexa Chung

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All Buttoned Up: Celebrating Subtlety No. 2 with Britt Maren

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Big Blonde Hair No. 2

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All Buttoned Up: Celebrating Subtlety No. 1

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Muse Peruse: Big Blonde Hair No. 1

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Sew Darn Southern

Ali Sabin
In addition to printing, I LOVE to sew.  Here are a few bits I built to pass the wintry months...

Muse Peruse: WWII Blondes

1) Natasha Richards, The White Countess, 2) Connie Nielsen, The Great Raid, 3) Angelina Jolie, The Good Shepard, 4) Sienna Miller, The Edge of Love, 5) Kristen Scott Thomas, The English Patient, 6) Melanie Laurent, Inglourious Basterds, 7) Nicole Kidman, Australia. 

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Stephanie Diani for the New York Times

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John Nese, source unknown

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Muse Peruse: Antique Didactic

Germany, c. 1940's, Animal Art Antiques
France, 1920's, BROWN Antiques

American Dental School Phantom Teaching Head, c. 1950's ,  Urban Country Antiques

American Molecular Model, mid 20th century,  American Primitive Gallery

Late 19th Century Teaching Model, Lewis Trimble Antiques

American 19th century Teaching Aid,  ABC Modern Antiques